Lauren’s love for the art of beauty began at an early age. Her mother was a model and a makeup artist, allowing Lauren the opportunity to watch and learn from a professional. With this pedigree, Lauren decided to pursue a career in makeup. 


Lauren's formal education began about 15 years ago at the Christine Valmy International Institute for Makeup and Esthetics in New York City. There she enhanced her natural talents by learning techniques from some of the most respected beauty professionals in the world.  With this knowledge, Lauren began to work with top New York City based cosmetic companies. 


Throughout her career she has had many influential experiences. As a regional freelance artist with Lancome, and being part of the MAC and Laura Mercier regional freelance teams, she also continues to

work with Nars and Mercier cosmetics today. These experiences have allowed Lauren the chance to see the inner workings of high end beauty. Allowing her the opportunity to develop a talent for stellar client interaction, working with these international makeup lines have allowed her to cultivate her own marketing plan and public relations. 


What Lauren loves the most at this point in her career is the one-on-one interaction with new women, making them feel and look like the best versions of themselves, watching them leave a makeup trial and/or makeup lesson happy and confident. This is what keeps her going and growing!


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